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ISAW A3 Monster

Isaw A3 Monster is the flagship device of Isaw. The latest action camera comes with F/2.4 high precision lens and a 12 megapixel sensor.

The camera supports video recording quality 1080p at 60fps, 960p at 60fps, 720p at 120fps, and WVGA at 240fps. The highest quality image within the Isaw A3 Monster is provided by best-in-class 12MP Sony’s Exmor ® sensor.

Isaw A3 Monster includes everything you could imagine within an action camera. There is a built-in LCD-screen, as well as Wi-Fi support. These features allow you, at no additional cost, view photos and videos directly through the viewfinder, or enjoy a live stream.

Mounted on a tripod or a head strap, Isaw A3 Monster still can be fully controlled via smartphone or a tablet through the Wi-Fi. There are free downloadable apps provided both for Android and iOS platforms.

The Isaw A3 Monster measures 2.40x1.69x1.26in (61x43x32mm). As with previous iterations, the camera is still one of the most compact and light-weight in the market, capable for all types of extreme activity.

The camera is very easy to operate and there is a separate button to set the default settings without entering the main setup. You can find power/shutter button on the top, and two menu settings buttons on the front of the camera. There are battery and microSD-slot on the right, as well as USB and HDMI-ports on the left side of the cam.

You can check Wi-Fi status with the LED on the camera’s body as well as through Wi-Fi icon on the LCD screen.

ISAW A3 Monster is powered by 1200 mah Li-ion battery able to provide up to 2 hours of continuous recording, that is quite enough for the most outdoor activities.

Unlike other action cams in the market, ISAW A3 Monster includes some unique possibilities.

Time Lapse video is one of the perfect features ISAW A3 Monster can provide, especially for the beginners. The cam captures every 1/3/5/10/30 sec, and easy generates Time Lapse video files, so that you don’t need to spend your time connecting separate frames into the whole film.

Aqua-mode is for underwater shooting. It compensates the red and reduces the blue, making the image bright and vivid even in the water.